Hot spots where navy sees action

KUALA LUMPUR: There are about 100 islands, reefs, rocks and other marine features that Malaysia could lose if nothing is done to claim them.

These include Pulau Unarang (off eastern Sabah and bordering Indonesia), Pulau Perak (between Penang and Sumatra) and several islands in the South China Sea.

Marine Institute of Malaysia Research Fellow Capt Rakish Suppiah said Malaysia had to take control of some of the islands, which are unclaimed.

“If nothing is done, then we will have more Pedra Branca cases.”

He said other countries might also start building structures and later claim these places as theirs.

He cited Pulau Unarang as one which Indonesia might want to get hold of as it is a good fishing spot.

“They have put up fishing apparatus on the island, although they are unable to build a lighthouse or permanent structure as our navy is patrolling the island.”

However, Rakish said there had been recent standoffs between the navy and armed personnel from the Indonesian side.

Another island that Malaysia has to claim immediately is Pulau Perak. The feature, made up of rocks, he said, was a strategic place, with pirates even resting or finding refuge there.

“Even though we have built a helicopter pad on the island, we are too relaxed about it.

“Our navy and army are patrolling the area but more could be done.”

Rakish said there had been standoffs between the navy and armed personnel from Indonesia.

In the South China Sea, he said China had shown its intention of claiming islands and marine features all the way to Sarawak’s coast.

“There are many islands here. But after Petronas claimed some of the oil drilling areas, they moved back,” he said.

Other than China, he said Vietnam was another claimant of some of the islands and marine features.

-new straits times (27 mei 2008)


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  1. haha… byk musuh gak rupanya mesia nih… bahaya2.. glemer yg x best.. šŸ˜€ silap2 lama2 mesia lenyap dr peta. haih~~

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